The League raises funds by accepting donations and selling advertising and sponsorship opportunities for businesses in the local community, including the opportunity to sponsor the playoff bowl games, the opportunity to sponsor specific teams, the opportunity to advertise on printed programs, and the opportunity to advertise through signage placed at the games. The League also conducts youth football camps at various times throughout the off-season which gives youth in the community the opportunity to have fun and enhance their skills. Sponsorship opportunities are generally divided into the following categories:

Vendor Agreements: (variable)

The League will sell vendor space or enter into written agreement with Vendors in return for percentages or a flat rate on products sold during events or directly marketed to players and fans.

Corporate Advertising: ($75 to $300)

The League publishes two programs annually: the Jamboree Program and the Bowl Program. A corporate donation totaling $300 entitles the donor to a full page advertisement of choice in either program. A $150 donation entitles the donor to a half page advertisement of choice in either program, and a $75 donation entitles the donor to a quarter page advertisement. The League retains final approval on whether certain products, services or professions may be included in the program.

Team Sponsor: ($300)

Any team in any Division may secure a Team Sponsor. The League will provide a signed team helmet to the Sponsor. If the team declines League jerseys and purchase personalized jerseys for each player instead, the League will allow the Sponsor, at Sponsor’s cost, to include its name on the personalized jersey in a logo not to exceed 4 inches by inches on a uniform sleeve. Team sponsors will also be identified in the League’s Jamboree and Bowl Programs.

Bowl Sponsors ($300)

All League teams qualify for Bowl Games at the end of the season. Sponsors will have naming rights to the Bowl and be identified in the Bowl Program and League web site as Bowl Sponsors.

League Sponsorship: ($400 to $500)

The league will accept donations as League Sponsors for up to $500. League Sponsors will have a placard of at least 2 feet by 3 feet posted on the fields for the entire season, plus a full page advertisement of their choice in the Jamboree Program and Bowl Program. League Sponsor’s will also enjoy a hyperlink on the League’s web site. A single $400 donation secures a full page ad in both programs and a hyperlink on the League’s web site.

Field Sponsorship: ($2,500)

The league has extended the opportunity to grant naming rights to one and/or both of the League’s fields at Hope, previously called the “North” and “South” Fields, at the sponsorship cost of $2,500 per field for the season. Signage is placed on and integrated into each scoreboard with the name of the sponsor for each field, and all future publications will identify the fields pursuant to the Sponsor’s direction. The Sponsor will enjoy naming rights for the entire season, up to the date of the next season’s Annual football Jamboree. Existing field sponsors also enjoy the right of “first refusal” to determine whether they would like to sponsor the field again for the next season, at a reduced rate

The field sponsor(s) will also have the advertisement of its choice on the inside covers of Jamboree Program and Bowl Programs, and a hyperlink on the League’s web site.

Jamboree Sponsorship: ($3,000)

The league extends the opportunity to secure naming rights to the Annual Football Jamboree. The Football Jamboree is the City of Springfield’s single largest youth football event each year, bringing in well over 500 players and 2,000 fans from throughout the City. The Football Jamboree affords each team in the League the opportunity to play two short running-clock games against another team so the coaches and players can gain experience with each other. In what can best be described as a festival like atmosphere, team specific merchandise is sold and the annual team picture is taken, making it the best attended day of the season.

The Jamboree sponsor will have the advertisement of its choice on the cover of Jamboree Program and back page of the Bowl Program, personalized flags with the sponsor’s name at the gate of the event and a hyperlink on the League’s web site.


If you need any further information to consider our request, please contact Jim Fahey at (217) 341.8205.